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New Life"Living To Live Again"


Take Control Of YOUR LIFE Today.


Stop Talking and Start Living!


Taking care of YOUR MENTAL HEALTH is the first step in living your best life. That is half the journey. 
New Life Evidence-Based MENTAL HEALTH and CRIMINAL JUSTICE programs will teach strategies that are easy to understand, easy to retain and guarantees life-lasting changes. After attending the Life Skills programs you will be empowered, inspired, and motivated to be the only one controlling your life.

We have over 30 years of experience in the criminal justice system and we know what works. New Life programs have drastically changed the lives of middle school and high school students, adults, pastors, entrepreneurs, and those who are seeking a fresh start in life.  Using these disciplines will empower you to face life challenges and WIN!!!


Managing Difficult Emotions Through:Life Skills and Anger Management       



How to Expunge or Seal A Criminal Record


The Power of Forgiveness       



DUI-The Road To Restoring Your Driving Privileges


If you have been mandated by the courts' or any institution to take Anger Management classes, this program will fulfill that directive. Upon completing our program, you will receive a Certificate of Completion that is accepted in courts throughout the United States.





Your Greatest Self.


Our MENTAL HEALTH  and CRIMINAL JUSTICE workshops will Inspire and Empower you to achieve your best life ever.  Through our Health, Wellness, and Forgiveness sessions, you will learn how to: "Build Healthy and Successful Relationships", "Plan To Change Your Life By Changing Your Thinking", "Turn Your Anger Into Forgiveness" and more.


Learn how to live in peace.                    Freedom is PRICELESS!!!!








I wanted to give you an update on what has been happening regarding my daughter's expungement. I took your advice and appeared before the judge to get the court date continued. My daughter came to town and appeared in court yesterday. She wore her uniform from the Navy. The judge and everyone in the court was extremely nice and helpful to her. The State said that she had filled the form out wrong and it needed to be amended. The judge told her to amend the form and he would grant the expungement.


The judge then instructed the court clerk to make sure that she filled the form out correctly. So, the court clerk and the court deputy assisted my daughter with amending the forms. My daughter gave the forms back to the court clerk and they told her she would receive a certified letter in the mail regarding the cases being expunged. Look at God!

I was so moved by the kindness and help shown to my daughter in the courtroom. In all my years of working with law firms and appearing in court, I've never seen such generosity. To God, I Give The Glory!


I want to thank you Greatly for all of your help, resources, and guidance in this matter. If I had not met you this process would probably still be in the things to do phase. You are truly God sent and I can't thank God enough for placing me in your path on that particular day. May God continue to use you to help others.


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