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 Managing Difficult Emotions through: Life Skills and Anger Management:  We have all found ourselves in a situation where we were angry. The question is "What is the proper way to handle that anger"? Knowing how to control your anger can be a life-saving skill that can bring a peaceful ending to a bad situation. Our evidence-based Life-Skills and Anger Management program will teach our participants "How to recognize when anger is reaching critical levels, How to de-escalate anger and create positive change, How to defuse anger by managing stress and much more. In my 30 years of teaching these important coping techniques, I have witnessed a great change in the lives of many clients. After participating in this workshop, you will have the skills to teach others how to control their anger and also face your own life challenges and WIN!!!


The United States Justice Department conducted a Special Report and
found that children who grow up in homes where Anger/Violence
is present are:


  • 6 times more likely to commit suicide

  • 24 times more likely to be sexually assaulted

  • 67 times more likely to engage in delinquent behavior

  • 100 times more likely to be abusers themselves


DUI-The Road To Restoring Your Driving Privileges

Getting a DUI in Illinois can be extremely costly. The consequences of getting a DUI can include losing your driver's license, losing your job, being sentenced to jail time and damaging family relationships and even death. Getting your life back on track is priceless and this workshop will provide you with information that will help you do just that. New Life,  will educate you on the following topic: DUI Laws in Illinois, the difference between a Suspension, and a Revocation,  and how they affect your driving privileges. How to Obtain a Restricted Driving Permit and how to Reinstate your driving privileges. Learn how to successfully complete the court-ordered conditions and apply for an Informal or a Formal Hearing with the Secretary Of State to reinstate your privileges and more. Driving is a privilege and knowledge saves lives. 


How to Expunge or Seal your Criminal record

Expungement or Sealing your criminal record can appear to be a complicated process. However, the current process has been revised to assist people with clearing their record with or without an attorney. Our participants will gain knowledge on how to complete the process to file the petitions for themselves or to assist others. We address the frequently asked questions such as; Where do I file my petition? Do I need a lawyer? How much does it cost? How long does it take? What is the difference between expungement and sealing? Clearing your record will remove or prevent barriers to employment, housing, student loans, educational opportunities and more.


The Power of Forgiveness

Learning to live in Peace is Priceless. Our series on Health, Wellness and Forgiveness will discuss How to Turn Your Anger Into Forgiveness, Change Your Life By Changing Your Thinking, and Building Healthy and Successful Relationships. You deserve to enjoy your life and this series will provide you with the tools to do just that "one day at a time".

  • Individual and Group sessions

  • Anger Management Coaching

  • Speaking Engagements & Seminars

  • Evaluations

  • In-Service-Training

  • Workshops and Training Programs


In-Service-Training is designed to assist with staff development efforts and to educate employees on key components vital to helping others.  


INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS are designed to uplift and create a new way of thinking to empower and revitalize
your Spirit while learning to live a healthier life.


GROUP SESSIONS provide a safe environment where mutual support and accountability can strengthen the members. Participation helps decrease the frequency of anger its intensity, and duration of angry thoughts, feelings, actions, and increase the ability to recognize and respectfully express frustration and resolve the conflict in other areas.


EVALUATIONS assist us in understanding your level of anger which aids us in providing the appropriate amount of sessions needed while working to enhance the whole person; Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit.
This service can be ordered for your employees, court-ordered client and more. We provide official Anger Management evaluations and recommendations.


ANGER MANAGEMENT COACHING "Forward-Looking; Success-Oriented, Life-Transforming"

Our Anger Management Coaching goals identify potential for personal growth and application of anger management techniques; look for what is working and building on it. 


PRESENTATIONS, WORKSHOPS, SEMINARS are designed to empower individuals to create a personal development which leads to personal transformation. These services equip individuals and groups with the knowledge to know who they are, their life's purpose and how to help others. Workshops,  Seminars, and Presentations can be offered at your location for management teams or as an in-service for all staff.


PROFESSIONAL SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS are available upon request for Community and Faith-Based Organizations, Empowerment events and more.


Workshops and Educational Programs strives to bring about change in our communities, families, and society by educating on such topics as Life Skills and Anger Management, Drug Abuse and Addiction (Learn The Signs), Expungement or Sealing a Criminal Arrest Record and DUI: The Road To Restoring Your Driving Privileges and Health, Wellness and Forgiveness.


Call or Email us for a free consultation on how we can bring this dynamic educational program to you and/or your organization.


You may contact Mrs. Catherine Dixon @ 708-843-1041 or Email us at


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