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Stress a cause of Anger

Stress is something that threatens a person's well-being. This happens when everything seems too much for him to handle and becomes overwhelmed with the pressure that is placed upon him. Stress is said to be affecting more people now than twenty years ago. This is primarily because people are more exposed to stressful situations more than ever. These stressful situations can range from the mundane like traffic and work deadline, to dramatic events like divorce, and unexpected events like illness or natural disasters.

Stress can vary from one person to another and how it affects a person will depend on how that person perceives and interprets a situation. What one person might find stressful may not be a source of stress for another.

But when one finds himself stressed over a situation, anger is usually triggered. If a person is prone to anger in the first place, he may find these episodes of him being angry become more frequent as he becomes more stressed. This article is to find out if what is believed to be is true – that stress is a cause of anger.

Stress, if controlled, is good and can in fact help people get through the day. It is what gets a person up in the morning, keeps him energized, concentrated and focused in the things he has to do. Stress can even save a person's life on life threatening situations as it is able to give a person that extra energy and will power to fend off danger.

This stress does not cause anger. In fact, if a person does not have enough of this stress, he will be seen as a lazy person who lacks motivation in life. There is however another kind of stress that can get a person downright angry.

This happens when stress stops being a motivator to a person who is overwhelmed with things. He sees things to be not going his way and are piling up. If a person does not know how to handle the situation, he will just one day find himself having an outburst. If not controlled, stress can damage and is a real threat to a person's health, productivity and way of life.

It is acknowledged that stress is a cause of anger since it can make a person more prone to anger. Knowing some stress busters can go a long way in your anger management as well. Below are a few suggestions:

  • Take a deep and slow breath. If you feel your pulse racing and the onset of anger, take three deep breaths which you also release slowly. This will calm you down and can give you the feeling of being in control of the situation.

  • Speak more slowly than you usually do. This will help you to think clearly and have a better grasp of the situation so you can react reasonably.

  • Learn to pick your battles. Make a conscious effort not to get mad at trivial matters. It simply is not worth the time and the effort.

  • Award yourself after a stressful day. It could be something simple as watching a favorite TV show or reading a chapter of a book, just do something that will recharge and energize you.

One can only do so much to avoid stress. What can be done is to control it and not the other way around.


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