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Today Was A Good Day

Today I attended a Church Service at New Faith International. It is the Pastor and First Ladies 14th year Anniversary. That church was rocking with Worship. PRAISE GOD FOR TRUE WORSHIP. AMEN. There was a guest speaker from Buffalo New York. OMG- OMG!!! His message was "Fight Through The Pain" from 1 Samuel 30:1-10. He told the story of how David was in pain because the place where he lived (which came from the enemy, watch who you accept things from) was destroyed. All of the women and children were taken and the place was burned to the ground. The 600 men who were a part of David's Army wept until they had no more tears. BUT DAVID ENCOURAGED HIMSELF IN THE LORD. He sought the LORD and asked "should I pursue the enemy". The LORD answered David and said PURSUE THEM AND YOU SHELL RECOVER ALL. Let us seek direction and instruction from the LORD and He will allow us to recover all that the enemy has taken from us. GOD BLESS.

Happy Anniversary to Pastor and First Lady Felder.

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