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During one of our workshops, my husband touched on the subject of FORGIVENESS. This really touched my Spirit. He mentioned that GOD forgives us time and time again, but when it is our turn to FORGIVE we may find it hard to do so. That is so true. As the Bible says, "we all fall short...". My prayer is that GOD will bless us with so much inner PEACE that we can heal from any hurt and extend great measures of FORGIVENESS.

I also want you to know that it is very important we extend FORGIVENESS to ourselves. Not only does GOD want us to FORGIVE others, He wants us to FORGIVE ourselves so that we may be FREE.

I would like to share a story that is from the third addition of "What's Good About Anger " book written by Lynette J. Hoy and Ted Griffin. It is an amazing story about FORGIVENESS.

A former inmate tells about a lady who, during a graduation ceremony for inmates completing a Prison Fellowship program, rushed to the stage to wrap her arms around a graduating inmate, declaring, "This young man is my adopted son." Everyone had tears in their eyes, for they knew that this young man was behind bars for the murder of her daughter. FORGIVENESS

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