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There are a magnificent group of people in the world today who are selfless, loving, kind, compassionate and most of all willing to help others. This magnificent group of people are called CAREGIVERS!

At one time a CAREGIVER was a 50 year old women who would find herself caring for her ailing mother or father. However, research shows that today they are a diverse group of people between the ages of 18 and 34 years old. Hospitals are discharging patients sooner to cut cost and as a result, CAREGIVERS may continue in this role for ten years or more. CAREGIVERS are also responsible for many tasks that would normally be performed by a health care professional such as injecting medication and inserting catheters.

This group of heroic individuals are doing extremly valuable work which is estimated to be over 37 billion hours of unpaid caregiving. But we all know that there are no number of hours we can put on the love they freely give.

As a teenager I watched my mother care for my grandmother until the Lord called her home. My grandmother came to live with us when I was a teenager. I remember how my mother was so attentive to her. In the begining she was able to do basic things for her self; cook, clean, care for her personal hygiene etc. However, as time moved on she became more depended on my mom. The amazing thing (as I reminisce about these days) was I never saw my mom lose control of her emotions. I know this was very taxing on my mother. She was still full time employed and had me a teenage daughter and her own life to content with. As I look back there were many duties involved as she cared for my grandmother. Taking her to the eye doctor, dentist, medical doctor's appointments, picking up medicine. I can remember that my brothers and I were helping her care for our grandmother as well. I know the Lord allowed all of us to be living with my mom as she cared for her mother becasue this is how she was able to manage her life and care for her mother all at the same time. It all worked out in the end I did see signs of it wearing on my mother some days but she always showed my grandmother love. That's just how she was rasied. My grandmother was a beautiful women and everytime I think about those days, I am glad that my family had an opportunity to care for her in her time of need. Well one morning when we woke up, the Lord had called Grandma home. We all stood around her bed as she looked liked she was smiling and said "well grandma you said you were waiting on the Lord and he came".

God Bless all of the CAREGIVERS and your service will be rewarded and never forgotten.


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