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The Cost of Drug Use to Society

As I indicated in my last post, I have been studying in the field of Substance Abuse. I would like to share some facts that are not only interesting, but important to understanding the effects that drugs (Prescription and non-prescription) have on our society.

Regarding the cost of drug use to our society, it is estimated that the typical narcotic habit costs the user approximately $150.00 a day to support his or her addiction. He or she needs about $54,750 per year just to maintain the drug supply.

Regarding crimes related to drugs: theft of personal property-primarily burglary and shoplifting and less commonly, assault and robbery often muggings are crimes committed to support an addiction. Theft is the number one crime that is committed to support a drug addition. It is estimated that a heroin addict must steal three to five times the actual cost of the drug to maintain the habit, or roughly $200.000 per year.

In conclution, I would like to leave you with some facts about drugs and crime (Hanson, Venturelli and Fleckenstein):

- The United States leads the world in the number of people incarcerated in federal and state correctional facilities. Nearly half (48%) of the inmates in federal prison were serving time for drug offenses(Carson and Sobol 2012)

- Approximately one out of every six major crimes is committed because of the offender's need to obtain money for drugs(Mumola and Karberg).

- In 2006, of the estimated 265,800 prisoners under state jurisdiction sentenced to drugs offenses in 2006, 72,100 were white, 117,600 were black and 55,700 were hispanic (Sabol et al.2009, p 37).

Drug addiction does not discriminate. The ugly habit of addiction effects all of us. Let us continue to stay in Prayer for our loved ones and those who are caught in the awful world of addiction. God is still in controll. Amen.

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