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What Is Anger?

This year is moving fast!!! Have you stuck to your New Years Resolution? If it has been a challenge, here is some good news. We are in what I am going to call the first quarter. If you have slowed down on the enthusiasm, you have time to get back in the game.

I want to provide you with some tools on how to handle issues with Anger that will allow you to be ready for any challenge that may come your way and try to prevent you from keeping your resolution. Sometimes we forfeit our PEACE and lose our focus when we give into our anger.

There are many reason's why we may find ourselves being angry. Sometimes our anger is justified and sometimes it's not. As I look at the sun shining through my window I have a peaceful feeling on the inside of my soul. The sun is warm, bright, serene and it also brings a sense of calm to my spirit. So I have to ask myself, how can I allow anyone or anything to take away this joyful feeling of peace on any given day at any given time.

Well, this warm and fuzzy feeling is great as long as I sit in my quite home office under a beautiful sun filled view. The reality is once we start our day that thing called LIFE takes no prisoners. It brings lots of good things, but as we all know it also brings the bad as well.

The wonderful thing about being a Christian is that I know GOD loves me and that He has told me that He will never leave me nor forsake me, I know that once I walk away from this beautiful sunny view out of my window, I can still enjoy peace. I will strongly pursue it all day long.

Let's talk about "What Is Anger" and How it affects our life.

Statistics from American Demographics tells us:

- 23% of Americans admit they openly express their Anger.

- 39% say they hold it in or hide it.

- 23% say they walk away from the situation (good Idea).

- 23%confess to having hit someone in anger.

-17% admit they have destroyed the property of someone who made them made.

These statics represent many of us on any given day. Having tools to know what we can do to pursue our peace and keep our joy help us overcome difficult challenges .What is Anger? Webster states that Anger is a strong feeling of displeasure and antagonism, indignation or an automatic reaction to any real or imagined insult, frustration, or injustice, producing emotional agitation seeking expression. Can you recall a time when you felt a strong feeling of displeasure? Take a look at any prior situation where you can recall being angry. Think back on how the situation started. Don't start thinking at the point where you were angry, start thinking from the point of where you were when the incident FIRST occurred. Ask yourself these questions:

Where was I, Who was there, What was happening prior to my becoming angry? After you truthfully answer these question you can begin to evaluate your angry response. Ask yourself what could you have done differently to change the outcome of the situation. Our flesh hates to feel anything but pleasure regardless of how it happens. But we know that once we allow our flesh to take over we WILL be led in the wrong direction and make some bad decisions(that we just might regret) . Remember once we utter words or conduct deeds that may be harmful to others we CAN NOT take it back.

So how do we handle our anger? The answer is through ANGER MANAGEMENT which is the ability to recognize anger and develop and apply skills and abilities to respond in a healthy and socially appropriate manner. Let us PURSUE PEACE all day everyday that we may see our beautiful sunsets even if they are only in our hearts and minds. We deserve to have complete JOY.

(What's Good About Anger? Expanded Anger Management Workbook by Lynette Hoy and Ted Griffin.)

For more information on Anger Management training please contact us via email at and visit our website at to learn about all of the services we provide.

God Bless

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